About International Safety


InternationalSafety.com was built with a lot of time, love and effort by all of us at International Safety. The site runs on a custom-built software that we strive to improve upon every day. We pore over every little design detail: The fonts, the size and position of each text field and button, and of course, the database of safety products.

We want to hear from you if:

  • you have any suggestions to improve upon the user experience (you dream - we’ll do).
  • you have any feedback to give about your experience using InternationalSafety.com
  • you have come across any errors, omissions or incorrect representations of the products we are cataloging.

Please let us know by email at gkhouri@internationalsafety.com or through our Contact Us page.

Mission Statement

Our mission is clear: Protect the health & safety of Our People™.

We work hard to find the most advanced and cutting-edge safety solutions from the world's top-level manufacturers and make them available to Our People™.

Our People™

Our People™ are the unsung heroes of the Canadian Workforce. The men and women who get up every day and go to work in hazardous conditions. They contribute to our economy and our society. They're the ones that build our cities, keep us safe overseas and at home.

Our People™ are: Firefighters, Nurses, Utilities Contractors, Construction Workers, Police Officers, General Contractors, High-rise workers, Emergency Medical Personnel, Traffic Controllers, Industrial Manufacturers, Miners and the brave members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

About International Safety

International Safety is a privately owned Canadian company that specializes in the distribution of health and safety equipment. We also provide maintenance, calibration and testing services related to the products we distribute. International Safety was established in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada in 1993.

Corporate Legal Name
International Safety Systems, Inc.

Legal Registered Trade Name(s)
International Safety / InternationalSafety.com / WorkSafeOntario / WorkSafeOntario.com

Protecting Our People™ / Our People™