PosiChek Service Work Order Request Form

Authorized Contact Information

I assert that I am a direct employee of the corporation that owns the PosiChek3 unit that is to be serviced and that I am authorized by the owner of the PosiChek3 unit to grant permission to International Safety to perform any repairs or alterations as may be required as part of service.*

Shipping Information

Billing Information

Scope of Work Requested

Please mark below which service option you would like to order. Possible repairs not included. Any potential repairs require customer authorization. Taxes applied depending on province.*

PosiChek3 with USB Port: Annual Calibration


$1095.00 for calibration and round-trip shipping across Canada.

PosiChek3 with USB Port Conversion to 5500 psi for testing Scott paks (Includes Calibration)


$2395.00 for conversion, calibration, and roundtrip shipping across Canada.

PosiChek3 Sound Detection System Upgrade (Includes Microphone)


$1895.00 for SDS upgrade (PosiChek┬│ must have USB port and EP) and round-trip shipping across Canada. Does NOT include calibration

PosiChek3 USB Enhanced Precision Upgrade (Includes Calibration)


$2395.00 for EP (Enhanced Precision) upgrade, calibration, and round-trip shipping across Canada.

PosiChek3 Inspection and Evaluation


$295.00 for inspection, evaluation, and return shipping across Canada. Quote for repair to be provided upon inspection.

PosiChek3 EP and Sound Detection System (SDS) Upgrade (Includes Calibration)


$3059.00 for EP and SDS upgrade, calibration, and round-trip shipping across Canada.

PosiChek Information

Please indicate which brand of SCBA you are currently using. Check all that apply.

Terms and Conditions

International Safety and Honeywell require that you ship your PosiChek3 in its original cardboard box. You must not ship the head or any components, parts, or accessories with your PosiChek base. If you do not have the original box and packaging foam, International Safety will accept your PosiChek3 as long as it is in a cardboard box. Please note that International Safety will re-package your PosiChek3 in the manufacturer-approved box and shipping foam and charge you a fee of $70.00. Any units sent in a Pelican Case will be charged a $20.00 handling fee.
PosiChek3 owners will have to make additional arrangements and incur additional fees to retrieve their Pelican Cases.

Yes, I will ship only my PosiChek3 base in an approved container. I accept all additional fees outlined above if I do not follow proper shipping instructions.*

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