Gas Detection Calibration
International Safety is an Authorized Service Provider for MSA and Draeger Gas Detection Instruments. Our prices for calibration include round-trip shipping within Ontario.

Bump Test or Calibration?

Each time you use your gas monitor (that is, put your hands in the life of your gas monitor) you need to do a bump test before use. A bump test is a regular functional test that ensures that your monitor will save your life in the event that hazardous gases make their way into your breathing environment.

A calibration is a periodic test that must be performed by a manufacturer-authorized technician (that's us) to ensure the accuracy of the sensors and readouts of gas monitors. You will be provided with a certificate of calibration to be kept on file when your monitor is returned to you. We recommend that you calibrate electrochemical sensors on a 6 month schedule and infrared sensors on a 12 month schedule. Calibrations are also required any time your instrument fails a bump test.